My handsome face.

My handsome face.

Growing Up:

I’ll cut to the chase— I grew up with a father in prison. The interesting thing is that as a young man watching my father’s life spiral out of control, I knew that he could recover. There were drugs, and there were crimes, but I knew my father wasn’t destined for a life of failure. Call it a son’s connection with his father, but while everyone else was doubting him, I believed he could change his life around.

Well he did change his life around, and after almost 15 years being out of prison, he hasn’t been in trouble with the law. He has a new wife, steady job, income, and the admiration of all his peers. It’s this type of change in a person’s life that has inspired me to create this website. The type of change in a person to go from down-and-out, to rising against all odds. I’ve always felt it’s unfortunate that those who are down get kept down, without enough support or proper rehabilitation— and those who do make it aren’t recognized for their achievements. I hope to bring awareness to the positive stories that come from rehabilitated inmates around the world, and to shine a light on these individuals we sometimes overlook in our community.

Online you say?

As mentioned in the ‘Very, Very Short’ introduction, I’m interested in teaching English in the technologically advanced future. I may have a passion for the classics, but I’m fully aware of where the future of communication is headed. I’m the Twitter preparin’, Facebook-ingly wearin’, Huffingtonpost sharing individual your data overage charges warned you about. Since the early days of AOL chat rooms, to the time in 2010 where I put a years worth of my life on Youtube, I’ve been ready to share.

I believe giving rehabilitated former inmates an online area to share their success stories is a great step towards showing how “normal” these individuals are. Sharing these stories online through Twitter and Facebook may help remove the stigma of having been to prison, and can show how former inmates are positive and active members of societies around the world.

About the author:

Hello world,  my name is Greg Goomishian, and I am the author of this page. I’m a Bay Area native and current student at the University of California, Berkeley. Now in my Junior year, I’m an English major and Global Poverty and Practice minor. I aspire to become a teacher one day, teaching literature and writing etiquette in our technologically advanced future.